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Amandine Jung, much more than coloring, an adventure, sharing and a touch of magic…

Born in 1987, in Brittany, in the land of fairies and korrigans, Amandine Jung lets herself be captivated by tales and legends, eccentric rhymes, cartoons of all kinds. She keeps her child’s soul in a world that she imagines black and poetic. In her imagination, the sun can disappear to make way for the moon, Snow White can bite into a pearl apple, and a small shrew flies curiously in the sky. Going from a single image in mind and successfully shaping it is a difficult creative process. Amandine plays with painting, lines and her ideas. It feeds on the slightest word, a very small musical note, a sweet spicy smell, the sound of the rain falling on the ground, the autumn leaves singing in the Breton forests, the moon which makes her dreamy, of the simplest image and her overflowing imagination does the rest.

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